Iberian Musical Crossroads through the Ages: Images of Music-Making in Their Transcultural Exchange

Columbus at San SalvadorThe 15th symposium of the ICTM Study Group for the Iconography of the Performing Arts will be hosted by the Societat Catalana de Musicologia and the Institut d’Estudis Catalans, in Barcelona from 17 through 19 October 2018. The conference will focus on the explorations and migrations originating from the Iberian Peninsula, which created a fertile framework for a rich exchange of musical ideas, sounds, forms, rhythms, dances, and instruments a cross the world. These migrations have not only affected the Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, Basque and Galician people, but reverberated across the world to Latin America, northern Africa, Macao, India and Philippines. The Barcelona conference will examine visual sources documenting transborder and transcultural transmission of musical ideas influenced by these political, cultural, and social contacts.